Posted by Admin | October 26th, 2011

With the rapid success of his new business venture , and his joy of creating unique pizzas for his customers, Eric Schaer feels like he is living the American dream.

Posted by Admin | October 19th, 2011

Eric Schaer has identified local college students as a key demographic for his restaurant . To better serve this growing customer base, Eric Schaer strategically offers late operating hours.

Posted by Admin | October 12th, 2011

Extraordinary specialty pizzas are at the heart of Eric Schaer’s business . Unique menu items, like his spicy Thai chicken pizza, have made Pizza Plus the go-to restaurant for gourmet pizzas.

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Eric Schaer’s pizza shop stays open late to attract local college students . If his successful run continues, Eric Schaer is eager to establish a second location in the next few years.

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Eric Schaer has opened his first restaurant , a pizza shop called Pizza Plus. Already among the most popular restaurants in town, Pizza Plus opened only a few months ago in Eric Schaer’s hometown.

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Eric Schaer has fulfilled a lifelong dream with his latest business venture, a pizza shop in Ohio called Pizza Plus. Although its doors have only been open for a few months, Pizza Plus is fast becoming one of the trendiest eateries in Eric Schaer’s hometown.

When developing his plan for Pizza Plus, Eric Schaer made it a top priority to create exceptional pizzas that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the area. While he stays true to pizza tradition with classic toppings like pepperoni and mushroom, his primary focus is on enlightening his customers’ palates with extraordinary specialty pizzas. Best-selling dishes include his Thai chicken pizza with spicy peanut sauce and bean sprouts, as well as his Mediterranean pizza featuring sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, topped with tangy feta cheese.

Recognizing a need for late night dining with healthier options, Eric Schaer was determined not only to keep his doors open late, but also to provide his clientele with pizzas made from only the freshest ingredients, including organic meats, cheeses and vegetables. Pizza Plus has become very popular among local college students in search of a healthy restaurant where they can grab a bite to eat after enjoying an evening at the local bars.

Pleased with the rapid success of the restaurant, Eric Schaer already has his sights set on opening a second location across town. Potential locations for a second Pizza Plus are already being considered, as Eric Schaer hopes to open his next restaurant in just a few years.

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